Change says to Allawi ; it is ready to start a dialogue on the crisis region, but on two conditions
Monday, 19
October 2015 14:03

Shafaq News / Change Kurdish Movement, led by Mustafa Nushirwan expressed on Monday its willingness to start dialogue with Kurdistan Democratic Party to find solutions to the crisis experienced by Kurdistan Region.

This came during a meeting of former Vice President of the Republic and President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi with a delegation from Change Kurdish movement that included both Hoshyar Abdullah, head of Change parliamentary mass and Jassem Mohammed, Minister of Displacement and Migration and the MP and journalist, Serwa Abdul Wahid to discuss the Kurdish crisis and ways to reach solution in order to preserve the Kurdistan safety and bring stability to Iraq as a whole, according to a statement from Allawi's office.

The statement said that Allawi stressed the need to stop the bloodshed and willingness to help resolve the current crisis and make every effort to minimize its aggravation.

For his part, Hoshyar Abdullah and his accompanying delegation expressed their willingness for dialogue after life return to normal, and achieve greater transparency in the administration of the region.,-but-on-two-conditions.html