Maliki's coalition: Four-party alliance changed the security and military equation on the ground in a record time
Monday, 19
October 2015 11:20

Shafaq News / MP for State of law coalition , Mohammed Saadoun al-Sayhood considered on Monday the quadruple alliance that includes Russia, Iran , Syria and Iraq as has changed the military and security equation on the ground against ISIS.

Al- Sayhood said in a statement "The new alliance, which includes Russia, Iraq, Syria and Iran has changed the military and security equation on the ground in a record time, and revealed the weakness of ISIS Takfiris and the shallowness of the US and its defeated coalition and this is what we are seeing from the victories achieved on the ground in Syria , calling on the government to move quickly to join the Alliance and submit a new official request to Russia to hit ISIS in Iraq. "

"ISIS terrorists are nothing but an empty bubble blown by the Baathist , Saddamist, regional and western media that made ISIS to be an important part of their conspiratorial project to divide Iraq and the region, which is a new Middle East project or ( Sykes-Picot ) intended to extend and protect the Zionist entity."

He said "the military, security and intelligence cooperation of the new alliance's countries has made a great success in Syria due to the intensive strikes achieved on the ground, therefore it is very important to activate the work of the coalition in Iraq, to ​​rein in politicians , ISIS and their followers of Baathists and Saddamists."