Kurdish lawmaker: A delegation from the region to visit Baghdad next week to discuss the 2016 budget

Deputy for the coalition of Kurdish blocs close up visit for a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad next week revealed.
The MP said Kawa Muhammad told all of Iraq [where] "is expected to visit a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Nechirvan Barzani [head of government] to Baghdad next week to discuss the region's share of the budget in 2016 after approval yesterday in the Council of Ministers." The Council of Ministers approved at its extraordinary Sunday, the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016 Act, in the amount of 106 trillion dinars, and the deficit is estimated with 23 Trliuna a rate of 21.69% of the total budget. The Ministry of Finance estimated the price of oil rate in the 2016 budget to $ 45, and exported 3.6 million barrels per day, as pointed out that budget revenues will amount to more than 84 thousand trillion and 73 billion dinars. Detection and Culture and Tourism Minister Faryad Roandzi yesterday [which belongs to the Kurdish nationalist] for the allocation of 12 trillion and 600 billion dinars as a share of the Kurdistan region in the budget, "referring to the" Install share the province's 17 percent in the new budget, as opposed to be issued per day 550 000 barrels of oil province across SOMO by the oil agreement. "He called Roandzi" delegation provincial government to speed up to go to Baghdad in order to sign a new agreement to ensure the region's share in the budget of 2016 ".