Dhi Qar Council Order Looking forward the implementation of projects and change some of the directors of departments

The province of Dhi Qar Looking Council, during its meeting on Monday, the implementation of projects Order forward and change some of the directors of departments, who have been handed over to the office more than four years. A statement of the provincial council, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, for the President of the Council, Hamid Gazan, to say that "The Council held its Al98 to discuss a number of decisions on its agenda, notably the discussion of the Board committees tasked with reports follow-up service of government departments in the province and the extent of their response to the demands of the demonstrators.
"He added that" the meeting will discuss the subject of the mechanism for implementing projects Order on credit, as host of the Iraqi director of the center for the treatment of obesity Aqeel Samir, to discuss the obstacles that caused Ptlka work of the Centre.
"He continued Gazan, will also be during the session" to vote on the Committee on Agriculture report and water resources for the advancement of agriculture sector and reduce red tape in some agriculture and water resources departments, and change some of the departments and people managers and department managers who have been handed over more than four years ".