Industry: processing of public and private sector circles electrical transformers

Diyala State Company for Electrical Industries, affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals equipped, the public and private sector circles Bmentugea standards of electrical transformers during the month of September of this year. According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of which was "the electricity sector departments equipped with 371 transferred the distribution of a large number of measurements of electrical various phases, in addition to a group of private sector companies working on the implementation of electricity projects within the geographical area of the province of processing Diyala, where it was processing 25 Trinity company transferred the distribution and company Diyala Mountains with 22 converted distribution is also different capacities between 250 to 400 KVA ".
He added that" the company is equipped Directorate-General for the distribution of Rusafa Electricity 5000 electric scale, and 3,000 of them to electricity Karkh single-phase operational strength 10-40 amp, as well as the processing power of Dhi Qar, 1000 scale works on three phases, and 500 one phase ".