Dhi Qar: conservative budget for next year is financed only completed projects

The local government showed in Dhi Qar province, said the province's budget for next year 2016 are limited to the financing of projects is completed only.
The governor said Yahia Nasseri, in a press statement, "It has become clear that the financial allocations for the budget to maintain the federal budget for the coming of the year 2016 in general limited to the financing of projects that are under implementation and that have not yet been completed."
He added that "the province were not available for next year real budget , but it will be the financial allocations for the reorganization of the financing of previous projects in coordination with the Ministry of Planning, "noting that" there is a meeting coming will be held between the Department of the province and the Ministry of Planning next week, to discuss the financing of the stalled projects and new projects that you need to maintain within the current and the next phase mechanism ".
He favored the Nazarene "the possibility of implementing such projects in accordance with the payment on credit system," stressing "the need to adopt payment on credit system for the resumption of work on the stalled project as a result of lack of funding," pointing to "the existence of a large number of lagging in school buildings and projects of the water resources sector ministerial projects."
The Council of Ministers, approved during its 2016 budget yesterday exceptional expenses amounting to a total of 106 trillion dinars, while the deficit amounted to 23 trillion dinars, down from the current year budget of about 13 trillion Danar.anthy