Biden paid ratification Gulf rulers tax on Iraq

After that the Russians the heart of the equation in the region upside down, especially since the papers Daash has revealed in front of people in the region bdat securities falling confessions by US Vice President Joe Biden, who revealed for the first time that America led to believe the words of its allies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, about what is happening in Iraq, tax, considering that all of the reports, which amounted to US leadership on Iraq and Syria comes within the lies and fabrication, according to Biden that both Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and Turkey hopes that the prolonged and bloody fighting in both Iraq and Syria and even Lebanon Biden recalled that Turkey refused at first participation in the fight against Daash and even open their bases in front of the Americans to hit the depth of the organization while confirming US reports reaching President Obama that these three countries have helped and cooperated with Daash provided much assistance from the most important armament and advice intelligence while the trucks carrying food up to the organization backed by the "Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey," the report indicates that the meeting held between the leaders of the Gulf and Putin about the situation in the region has revealed all the secret papers of the delegation, including support for Daash and the victory and al-Qaeda.