Jubouri: activating the committee to amend the constitution and on the blocks nominate their candidates

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, revealed near the activation of the Commission to amend the constitution, calling for political blocs to nominate their candidates for membership of the Committee.
Jubouri said in his speech during the parliamentary session today on the occasion of the anniversary of the writing of the Iraqi constitution, "recall the day when Iraqis agree on a social contract that the political and executive life and the foundations of the new democracy, which ended the era of dictatorial regimes mission station of the stages of building the new state."
"When cherishing the memories of that period, we can not in any way losing sight of the great and outstanding effort for the elite institution for this interval historic project in the lives of Iraqis all over, and then we can only stand esteem to only those brave who faced the toughest conditions in the writing of the constitution. He continued," There was an effort cherish in our political history is our presence in person at the committee at the time and our participation in the formulation and take it out on the face that it is today, and as a fulfillment of that offer thanks and pride in each of our colleagues who have worked with us on this committee in the difficult circumstances in spite of all challenges.
"He Jubouri, that "constitutions all over the world representing the harmonic contract between the sons of the nation the one to take care of the interests of this nation and the advancement and development, development and progress, and no doubt it is one of the man who remains in need of revision and amendment and revision in line with the necessities of each stage of development and adapt to its requirements and circumstances and needs."
He explained, " after he tried to deal with the constitution for more than a decade and with respect for the legitimacy and his moral stature as representing the will of the people from the people's support for him, we feel that the time has come to re-examine many of the paragraphs which has proven fact need to be reviewed and updated in line with the aspirations of the people and the developments of events The current atmosphere.
"and the head of the House of Representatives" I text of the Constitution in Article 142 on the eligibility through a legal framework organized from which we can go to the amendment option in accordance with the steps prescribed by the constitution, and this procedure represents the spirit of the Constitution and purpose and goal setting for him a benefit of the people and the state, which is in line with the reforms that we started together to achieve the objectives and, therefore, Parliament has sought in recent days to activate the role of the Commission modified the Iraqi constitution, which will start its functions soon to achieve the demands of the masses that came out demanding to reform the Constitution and amended in line with the aspirations of the Iraqi street and achieve its objectives.
"He called Chairman of the House of Representatives at the end of his speech, the parliamentary blocs to "nominate their candidates for the formation of a committee to reconsider paragraphs Constitution as one of the most important committees of Parliament begin to complete it to offer paragraphs adjustable" .