Deputy for the citizen: Iraqi labor law much better than the labor laws in most countries of the world

MP for the Bloc Mohammed Allkash that the Iraqi Council of Representatives passed a labor law as one of the important laws of interest to a large segment of citizens. He said in a statement Allkash I followed Buratha news agency reported that the Labour Code contains 154 items were approved by the House of Representatives, and then ratified by the Presidency of the Republic, and the work will be done after ninety days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette. He pointed out that this law awaits a large segment of society as it contains rights and privileges, calling for national media to education for this law to worker can see money and what it of rights and duties, stressing that the paragraphs contained in the Iraqi labor law is much better than most of the world laws . Referred to as the MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Aziz Zalmi said in an interview earlier "Press direction," said a committee working parliamentary made large and spacious efforts in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and the competent authorities, in addition to the proposals made by the International Labour competent in Labor Affairs of international bodies Organization in order to develop appropriate labor law for the benefit of all legal materials.