Jaafari attack Nuri al-Maliki

Zahir Jawad al-Shammari Monday, October 19.2015

Ripples victories Astrha youth Iraq on terror in all the fronts, and mixed with the blood of honorable people of Iraq of all colors, to form a big river tells the immaculate land of Iraq after reaching thirst brink of death, has shaped so a sun lit up the darkness of Iraq caused by the wills of some countries, including the United States and Israel, and some of the newly industrialized Arab countries behind the approach of these countries, as well as caused by sectarian and nationalist conflict between Arabs and Kurds on the one hand, and between Sunnis and Shiites on the other hand, and between political parties, even among its members. And more parties have experienced conflict within them and caused the destruction of Iraq is Shiite parties exclusively, because of their struggle at the helm, became all their movements and their policies are inspired attempts to get this Big Booty, The irony is that they always declare that the responsibility is an honor assigned and not Tsulaita, and jumping from being Islamist parties as they claim, and in fact it has proved that it is not more Mtoslmh parties.

And more party witnessed conflicts in this direction is the Dawa Party, which received three of its leaders as prime minister, and they Jaafari and Nuri al-Maliki, and Haider al-Abadi .... However, the situation from bad to worse in Iraq; it must be emphasized that they were not the main cause of the destruction of Iraq as we have said in the introduction to the article, however, that their policies were all opportunistic, and have nothing to do state-building, and they were not in any act roses real men state pained reaction to the pain of his wounds and the homeland ...

Through them near any man will come out of the experience and not just one outcome of the other, an authority they students only, as was the Baath, which was only the fittest believes that leadership and under the slogans which party

Tickle nationalist sentiment, but when we follow the practices of its leaders see only rooting tribal, sectarian and opportunistic.

So do not be surprised to join in time permit Jaafari his second against al-Maliki, his colleague, and his colleague in the same party, the media and the attack led by the channels Baathist and Aldaashah to tarnish the image Victories our security forces and mobilized the popular Iraqi clans, the pattern slogans stealing refrigerators in Tikrit, this time stealing Baiji refinery plants, and plant oils.

Jaafari said in an interview today: ((if some politicians (in reference to Nuri al-Maliki) filed a written paper to Iran and confirmed that he was ready to implement all the demands of Iran in exchange for his support as prime minister.

Let us assume, but because we are sure that what is in the words of al-Jaafari is real, is it is a shame that in the course of the deliberations of the formation of the government, and conflicts and harassment that accompanied among yourselves ?! Ok Assume that a defect in an atmosphere made by your policies, which do not know of a defect in a shop Mtbuniatha, are you in the current government Ceccheltkm did not you give concessions to the Americans and the Israelis, and the British and the Gulf? And if your answer is not to provide any concessions on the sovereignty and security of Iraq's future account, I invite everyone to leave Muhammad and high (blessings of Allah be upon them) to draw closer to God through them, and you go closer to God ........

O-Jaafari: the Iraqi people, mostly sure you are all opportunists and corrupt does not exclude anyone of you.

There is no power except with Allah; ((Is not you a man Rushd)) realizes that the timing of such statements with victories in the battlefields of our young people is a crime and a betrayal of the right of this people that has plagued you about your policies and reckless.