A written message from Putin to Ebadi

Twilight News Iraqi government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi / said in a statement on Monday received a written message from Russian President Vladimir Putin, without revealing their content, and that during his meeting with the Russian ambassador to Baghdad Ilya Murgunov.

According to the statement, the Russian ambassador handed over a written message from Putin to Ebadi, confirmed Russia's desire to develop bilateral relations with Iraq in various fields, especially the side armament and exchange of information to meet the organization Daash.

Abadi, in turn, said that "Iraq today is facing a fierce war against Daash terrorist gangs and needs of each international effort to get rid of these gangs," noting that "there is coordination in common with Russia on the importance of the elimination of terrorism."

Iraq, Russia, Iran, Russia, and had recently formed Chamber of intelligence and military operations based in Baghdad to coordinate efforts in the fight against al Daash.

Earlier this month, Russia contaminated began with air strikes in Syria says it is targeting Daash, as Moscow has confirmed more than once that it would consider any Iraqi request for air strikes in Iraq.