Parliament reaffirms its commitment to the rules and hold absent
19/10/2015 12:41

The Iraqi Parliament, confirmed Monday that the Council Presidency is committed to the rules of procedure, and persist in taking the actions identified through the value of 500 000 pieces of members absent.

According to a statement of the information Office of the Council, that "the presence of representatives at Board meetings for the current election cycle is much higher than previous sessions not without meeting attendance exceed two thirds of the members of the House and also confirm this great Observatory statistics and is a civil society organization interested in follow-up to the Council's work and has provided intensive presence of Deputies vote on important laws including the laws and work parties and the Iraqi media network and other in addition to the further procedure other important laws, including the Federal Court".

"The Presidency Council is committed to the rules of procedure of the Chamber of Deputies and continuous actions identified by the rules of procedure by cutting 500,000 dinars worth of salaries to deputies absent without excuse, and published in the official State newspaper as well as the concern of a number of missions and official sworn affidavits to participate in seminars and conferences with paying attention to world parliaments due a presence as in the Iraqi Parliament to pass laws or for meetings"