Minutes from Parliament Session 19 October 2015
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    Minutes from Parliament Session 19 October 2015

    House of Representatives to vote on one end and read the law two bills

    Voice of the House of Representatives Minutes ordinary XXXI, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 230 deputies on Monday 10/19/2015, on one bill proceeded with a vote to amend the investment law as well as an end to the second reading of two bills.

    At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri, read out a statement on the occasion of the annual writing the Iraqi constitution anniversary, noting that the stage writing the constitution was an important stage in the history of modern Iraq and ended the era of the dictatorship, noting that he can not be overlooked great effort for the elite institution of this effort and face them to the toughest conditions, led by Sheikh Hamoudi Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, recalling the role of the then President of the Republic Fuad Masum, who was a member of the Committee expressed his pride at being personally in the Committee.

    Mr. President of the Council and added that the constitutions represent harmonic contract between the fellow countrymen for their advancement and development, noting that after dealing with the Constitution for more than a decade, the experience was time to bring back much consideration of the paragraphs which has proven fact need to be addressed in line with popular demands, noting that the Constitution systems Amendment option in accordance with the laid down for the sake of the people and the state steps.

    Mr. Jubouri said that the House of Representatives sought in the last period and within the need for reforms to activate the role of the Commission modified the constitution to meet the demands of the masses, calling the parliamentary blocs to nominate representatives to activate the committee to amend the constitution.

    In another matter, Mr. President of the Council stressed that the House of Representatives supports any government reform increases the Iraqi per capita income, expressed its reservation on the abolition of university service allocations and doctors which has according to the law, stressing that laws that have been legislated in parliament can not be canceled decisions and items are not modified, but under which requires maintaining the experiences and competencies owners allocations laws.

    The Council proceeded to vote on the draft second amendment bill to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and submitted by the committees of economy, investment and finance, which aims to facilitate the organization of work in the investment bodies and address some of the constraints shown by the practice in the application of the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, and to create an encouraging and favorable investment climate in all sectors and the granting of privileges and exemptions and soft loans attractive to investors and to allow the ministries to share with the private sector (Iraqi and foreign) and mixed for the rehabilitation and operation of its companies to be reflected positively on the industrial development and reconstruction of Iraq.
    For his part, Mr. al-Jubouri said the completion of the vote on the bill in the next session.

    The Council voted on a draft law amending the Income Tax Law No. (113) for the year 1982 and presented by the Legal Committee, which aims to ease the tax burden on citizens due to inflation in the property insurance rates and encourage different kinds of line with economic development.

    On the other hand the Council ended the second reading of the proposed cancellation of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Decision No. 21 of 2000 Act (proposed annexation of the hotel and tourism institutes to the Ministry of Education) and submitted by the committees of Tourism and Antiquities, legal and education.

    In the interventions of the House of Representatives, ladies and gentlemen, through the Attorney Mahmoud Hassan expressed support for the linking of Tourism Institute of the Ministry of Education in response to the request of the tourism and hospitality body.

    And he wondered Rep. Najiba Najib for legal link Specialist Institute at the Ministry of education, calling for linking the Ministry of Culture.

    She suggested Birwan MP Mustafa linking hospitality Ministry of Higher Education Institutes and the mind of the technical universities.

    He urged the MP Abbas al-Bayati, the government consulted on this matter, calling for making the admission to a special institute and not centrally.

    And Rep. Joseph Saliwa expressed his objection to the proposed law, calling for an independent to keep tourism and hospitality in support of the tourism sector neglected.

    MP Saleh al-Hasnawi unzip the Institute of the Ministry of Tourism and the link attached to the Ministry of Education to ensure inclusion in the educational strategy.

    The MP Haneen Qaddo the need to develop infrastructure for the tourism and hospitality sector.

    Dulaimi called Olive MP to join the institute to the Ministry of Education and the fact that the applicants have graduated from middle school.

    In its response to the Committee on the interventions it confirmed the presence of a general trend to vote on the bill, citing taking into consideration the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives proposals.

    Council and completed the second reading of the draft law submitted imports municipal committees of services, construction, financial and legal.

    In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs MP Ghaida Kmbh stressed the importance of legislation laws increase of imports of the federal budget.

    MP Hassan Khalati imposed a fine for the omission person to pay taxes as the issue of punitive and not within the imports.

    He said MP Ammar Tohme that the Constitution stressed the failure to enact laws that contradict the fundamentals of Islam and related activities, including payment of alcoholic beverages for fees and fines contained in the bill coefficient.

    She suggested the MP Hamdiya Husseini that the labs to pay fees to the municipalities, including areas that fall instead of the ministry.

    For his part, refused to MP Awad al-Awadi, met finance charges from the sale of alcoholic beverages plants for the conflict with the Islamic constants.

    The MP Joseph Saliwa that the Constitution within the rights of all Iraqis, noting that corruption and violence to the country's ongoing spiritual Ajribt drinks.

    And MP Shirin Dino saw that local governments have a role in the imposition of fees in accordance with each region.

    And the MP Khalid al-Asadi said the issue of interest on the debt arrangement included in the bill where suspicions of usury against Islam, calling for providing good services to the citizens of the collection of fees to encourage the payment of taxes.

    In turn considered MP Hanan al to dwell addresses and details contained in the draft law needs to see in order not to face the constitutional problematic the fact that some materials are incompatible with the fundamentals of Islam.

    She MP Vian Dakhil need to send taxes to the municipal districts in the provinces and the Municipality of Baghdad, especially with the existence of a trend to abolish the Ministry of Municipalities.

    The deputy proposed fighter-Moussawi Add Iraqi and foreign public benefit institutions to the bill.

    In turn, Mr. Jubouri called for a hold on the imposition of fees being refrain from activities that seen by some as illegal, noting that the discussion of the law is not in the framework of the issue of prohibition.

    In its response to the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, the Committee on confirmed its commitment to enact a law serves the municipal districts and access to part of the proceeds of imports from fees for the provision of services, noting that the fees imposed on shops approved and the abolition of the imposition of fees for them will help to sell larger and wider, stressing that Cancel the imposition of fees associated with the government.
    This was followed by the Attorney-Jabbar al-Abadi issued a statement in which he referred to the absence of the financial budget voted on by the Council of Ministers of 5% allocated to the province of Basra, saying that depriving the province of its right Amargar unacceptable, calling on the Council of Ministers to reconsider entitlements province of Basra before sending the budget to the House of Representatives.

    He gave MP Abdul Kahar Samurai statement expressing support Congress Salahuddin province, the armed forces in the province, calling for strengthening the role of the media in support of military operations and the establishment of ministries, maintaining the departments of gangs mingled with the importance of involving a larger number of the sons of the tribes in the province to catch the ground and re-displaced , demanding direct obliging ministries to stand and visit the provinces experiencing military operations.

    For his part, Mr. President of the Council alive, the security forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes of the victories achieved in the province.
    Then read ladies and gentlemen MPs Al-Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

    The Council voted to discuss the inclusion of the new salary ladder on the agenda of the meeting at the request submitted by 35 deputies.
    President al-Jubouri and face financial and legal committees to prepare a paper discussing the subject of salaries and trends include the Council on allocations and the new salary ladder.

    The Council discussed the security situation in Diyala as MP Raad Aldhlki applicant debate to the breadth of the phenomenon of kidnapping and displays some revival of Baquba and Diyala bombed missiles city, pointing out the involvement of infiltrators introduction of car bombs to some areas of the province as well as the slow return of displaced persons and called for a vision to eliminate extremist ideology calling for the convening of a meeting of the heads of the blocks with security officials and security leaders in Diyala.

    For his part, Mr. al-Jubouri, the face of the security and defense committee and committee tribes to provide a detailed report that includes the mechanism of solution adopted by the Council.

    Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday 10/20/2015

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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