The formation of a joint committee to draft the new salary scale law: legally and constitutionally

Special scales News - MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Abdul Aziz Hassan, Monday, formation of a joint legal and financial committees Alniabaten a committee to draft a uniform law to the salary scale for employees in order to give him the legal and constitutional framework and not just a decision only.

Hassan said L / scales News / "There are talks parliamentary dense and lengthy on government decisions and conflict with the House of Representatives or exceeded his powers and that it is possible to come to find realistic solutions to coordinate on the work of both the legislative and executive Alsultatin future of the fact that most of the decisions that Arstlha government to parliament inconsistent with the Constitution."

He added that "among the points of difference and conflict resolution salary scale was on this basis the formation of a joint parliamentary committee of legal and financial Alniabaten to formulate a special unified law ladder salaries of state employees in general, and in order to achieve stability them for being associated with human life employee and in order to Aieih in concern."

This "Council of Ministers decided to vote on the reform of state employees' salaries system, while stressing that the decision reduces the disparity and to achieve justice."

"Systems and hundreds of staff in the Prime Minister, on Monday, a sit-in on the decision to apply the new salary scale, which was approved by the government."

It is said that "the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced, yesterday, that the application of new salary scale according to the Cabinet's recent decision, will be in the first of the month of November, under which are reduced to the higher grades of salaries and increase the lower rungs" .anthy / 29 Salary / d 24