A member of the parliamentary Finance: We need 30 days to approve the 2016 budget

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - in the parliamentary finance committee member, said Monday that the House of Representatives needs a month for the completion of the federal budget debate and approval before the end of the current legislative term.

Said committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed's (IMN), that "the Commission need to 3 weeks for the completion of discussions the federal budget for 2016 and a week to put in the House of Representatives for a vote," adding that "the Council end of approving the budget within one month after receiving him that There were no significant objections."

Mohammed said that "the figures contained in the budget law after reducing the numbers of the draft before the Council of Ministers is acceptable and appropriate to the current situation on the sale of oil prices in the global markets."

The cabinet approved yesterday, Sunday, the federal budget for 2016 project at $ 106 trillion Iraqi dinars, the equivalent (90.9 billion) and a deficit of 23 trillion dinars, the equivalent of ($ 19.7 billion).