President infallible: Replace Abadi is difficult

10/18/2015 23:48:00

President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum, counting that «differences of political blocs, especially the largest bloc (National Alliance) began to reflect on other political blocs as it greatly affected the performance of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who was unable for a year of his appointment from the work of what he wishes or what was promised because of these differences. »

Masum said in an exclusive interview with a limited number of heads of media institutions in Iraq, including the «Middle East», that «Abadi came by difficult within the National Alliance bloc, which has been unable to decisively only during the twenty-four hour where you had to extend the mandate of candidate the largest bloc in accordance with constitutional powers; where he was throughout the fifteen constitutional-day period of coalition rule of law Nuri al-Maliki is submitted a request to nominate itself as the largest bloc leader, but within the Shiite House chimed finally during the extension period, amounting to 24 hours Abadi nomination. »

He ruled out the possibility of infallible «change of government and its president, as it is said here and there because of the many difficulties that might ensue. Thus, the solution is to be achieved consensus within the bloc, which belongs to the prime minister, a National Alliance so that we can face the rest of the challenges in the state which is difficult and serious challenges such as the challenge of (Daash) and the process of building a professional and a strong army capable of facing difficulties, as well as crisis Finance resulting from lower oil prices. »

President infallible and pointed out that «a lot of work formulas we have in the state still clash between my mentality the opposition and the state, despite the fact that the state everything and the opposition something else, which are still apply to the work of the state across all of its institutions, which ultimately led to this public anger through demonstrations, which not only received the support of the religious authority, but got kind of change in a letter of reference and terminology used, which began and did not invoke them in the past since dozens of contracts such as the call to crack down on corruption mafias ».

While President infallible counting that the only solution to the crisis experienced by the country is «in a private and frank meetings with leaders of political blocs, especially the first line to put explicit solutions to the suffering of Iraq», it is the question: «Middle East»,

Frank about his position of three of his deputies is (Nuri al-Maliki, and Osama Najafi, and Iyad Allawi), Masum said he was «no longer have vice-presidents, particularly after parliament voted unanimously on the first package of reforms Abadi». He explained that «there are those who asked me to intervene after the release of al-Abadi package first reform, which included the abolition of the post of Vice-Presidents, on the grounds that this happened without consultation with me or other than what is constitutional, I told those beams that parliamentary Ktlkm voted unanimously to those decisions, and therefore did not The parliamentary vote after I have a constitutional right to intervene. »

And about the controversy that was raised during the last period on the legal position of the Vice-Presidents, Masum said that «their salaries stopped since the reforms package, except for the office staff who still get paid for when deciding once and for all in the file these employees, while the object of them on what was issued by Prime Minister and approved by Parliament, there is no choice but to appeal to the Federal Court ».

On the controversy that currently is being said about the quadruple alliance between Iraq, Iran, Russia, Syria and the link that the international alliance led by the United States of America, President Masum said that «the media very much in the case of the so-called quartet alliance. I would like to point out here that there is no such thing as a quadripartite alliance, but there is intelligence coordination room only and has no political dimension where we have the international coalition led by the United States of America, which carry out its duties well », indicating that« the benefit of Iraq from quadruple coordination process of exchange of intelligence information from the premise that the organization Daash appeared in Syria and stretched toward Iraq without having to be political consequences, there is no commitment by us of obligation to this format; as our relationship with the three countries are based on common interests and policy; where we have historical ties with Russia Most of our weapons since the first republican era and today to a Russian-made and senior military leaders have graduated academies in the former Soviet and now Russian, as we have more than a good relationship with Iran, which helped us in terms of the war against the (Daash). With regard to Syria, the relationship with them is not based on the defense of the regime there. »