Haitham al-Jubouri displays across the channel "Here Baghdad" documents proving the involvement of community banks money laundering

He pointed the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, that there are four trillion exist in the central bank in Sulaimaniya transformed from Trade Bank of Iraq deliberately, and not for the province, the possibility of the replay for years, pointing out that the four trillion transformed traders Kurds without real guarantees of the Trade Bank of Iraq.

He said al-Jubouri said in an interview for the program "before the middle" on the channel "Here Baghdad of" space, "we raised the recommendation to withdraw by the director of the Trade Bank of Iraq because of the transfer of funds to the Kurdistan illegally," said: "I did not hesitate for investigating corruption Trade Bank of Iraq and we are waiting to get hard evidence."

Jubouri said the figures buy tens of billions of dollars from the central bank auction without the availability of liquidity has, and added: "We have received complaints from the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Interior and the Committee of money laundering on money laundering in banks, including the Middle East Bank and other The Central Bank the right to put guardianship of those banks, pointing out that the Central Bank's fiscal policy by a lot of indicators and the state exposed to drain in foreign currency through the Central Bank."

He said that Iraq imported during the 7 months 34 and a half billion dollars, exhibitors across the channel "Here Baghdad" documents proving the involvement of community banks money laundering, explaining that he was scheduled to have a meeting joint Benin, between the Presidency of the Council Alzera Central Bank for it has been postponed to a later date.

He concluded by saying that al-Jubouri was supposed to send the salary scale as a project of the study to the Parliament and not the right of the Cabinet vote on it.