Excerpts from the ideas of the Martyr Sadr economic

10/18/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
represent an important source of releases inherited science and knowledge that enables human resources to recruit wealth of nature to serve humanity and make it live stability to the economy of the family stage and the country alike.

The book, issued by d. Ali Mohsen Keywords eating succession rights in the thought of Martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr's theory, as the human wealth must be dealt with according to the principles are correct process promote his ability to be a developmental element serve humanity according to what brought him the heavenly teachings.

Dr. Sadeq al-Shammari expert in financial affairs Address Book session Dialogic He said that the book stood at the succession rights and the administration of the reality experienced by man over the ancient times down to the present era, noting that the book stood at the repercussions of the conditions of the nation being tender, strength and guidance and the light source as well as a source of culture and consciousness. a source of strength and Al-Shammari said: that the book was a source of guidance and the light of the mind humanitarian and stood at the concepts of justice, equality, freedom and social justice, pointing out that it helps to enlighten the perceptions of young people who represent a source of strength for the community and wealth are the most prominent elements of sustainable development. He said the book gave a full explanation of the movement of reform and renewal that began valuable fourth century AH, The most important trends surround conditions and challenges surrounding the economic, political, social and cultural aspects and to call for a review of the situation of the nation.

He noted that the book dealt with the reality of human, education and brief him on the Islamic religion, the concepts and built according to the outcome of the Islamic law. economic doctrine Shammari said the book stood at the moral Qaeda economic doctrine and that the relationship that develops between man and the earth or nature - in the framework of the concept of the caliphate - is Amin relationship to the Municipality, and not a relationship owner Bmmilok and wealth, money and means to perform the role of the caliphate and responsibilities on the grounds that the right to property care, this concept Alastkhlavi of wealth and money is a moral base involving the social dimension, and humane and limits of hyperbole physical tendencies, and heading towards a society of balance, and social solidarity where the turn of wealth and money into a means to achieve the objective of the Caliphate and the satisfaction of human needs and not an end in itself and take the special nature of the social function of property manifestation of the general succession of Ataba control and absolute right.

More precisely, it becomes wealth (objective way to a goal too) as described in the chest. Economy concepts based on the concept of succession, .rbt Martyr Sadr concepts of religion and law, economy, society, politics and the state - linking them all together on the one hand, and between them and the concept of the caliphate and succession and source linked linked arbitrator, The doctrine of monotheism has meant the intellectual vision of the obvious, such as the Supreme (deputized) as master and owner of the universe, as an objective absolute that comes and morality of absolute liberation of man from the yoke of slavery to others, to remove all gods artificial counterfeit, and discount and repeatability of humanity march with all the bearing of the attributes of absolute morality, and justice for being the most prominent the attributes of God to express the ideal qualities and manners of those qualities to be a beacon and a leader, and the implications on the road.