Antoine: {social market economy »supportive business environment

10/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD joy pumice
is «social market economy» the best solution to address the social and economic problems of society in Iraq, in line with the reform demands of the mass, which pave the way for the provision of optimal services to citizens.

This is known as the kind of economy that the concept of the economic system policy, which is based on freedom the market, but at the same time includes the social balance elements.

And worked some European countries, including Germany after the Second World War, among other reforms, which transformed its economy from a socialist to a social market economy, which is a correlation between the thought of a free market economy and social thought to unite under the banner of (socialism more with more freedom), then come out with a combination under the name of (the principles of free market with the principles of social balance). decentralized administrative But many of the Iraqi civil society organizations at the level of Iraq has sought (NGOS) in cooperation with officials in the provinces and members of the provincial councils , and experts and specialists economists have contributed to the specialized topics most important administrative decentralization for the purpose of advancement of the Iraqi provinces and ways to manage and raise the economic and social level at the same time through the dissemination of the social market economy concepts in the community and the Iraqi state.

In this regard, the economic expert on behalf of Antoine occur »Sabah» on the most important the advantages of the social market economy and how it differs from the liberal market economy (free market economy), saying that he «works to balance economic and social goals in the society and not make a profit only, is also interested in focusing on human rights and abide by all laws internationalism and national agreements that preserve human dignity and society, as well as it achieves a balance between increased productivity and social objectives is to ensure the rights and health of citizens, and gives the right of the state in the formal intervention and planning in the economy to prevent abuses on society and the rights of the majority, as well as his work on the expansion of the social security department and the inclusion of members of the community all the advantages in education and health and welfare, housing and adequate income and proper retirement rewarding ». liberal economy while said Antoine to a free market economy (liberal) that he is working to achieve the economic targets in profitability without paying attention to the concepts and values ​​of humanity and be different and are based success criteria on the basis of material purely, also aims to achieve self-benefits, while longer productivity and achieve profits and surplus in production is the basis, and determines the neutral role of the state to the market movements of monopoly and profit-making, as well as its application loop social security and benefits less costs with the expense of the fundamental rights of members of the community without expansion.

The expert saw that a market economy based on basic attributes most important to identify clearly and transparently visions, and coordination at the strategic level, and the gradient and consistency in setting goals to create sustainable development with social growth, as well as require the identification of priorities for late community regarding the economic activities and the achievement of social justice between classes of people with the existence of constitutional and legal safeguards through solid institutions guaranteeing coherent to reduce the socio-economic tangles, in addition to finding mechanisms and tools to achieve economic and social cohesion without leaving it to jurisprudence. organizational principles and between Antoine that the German economy is the specimen optimized for applications of the social market economy to benefit from it on the level of Iraq, especially under the circumstances through which, Using basic principles for regulatory create the appropriate framework and correct developments is disguised by reducing the control of monopolies and control permanently and foil its control over the market and to monopolize it, along with the identification of income policy through redeployment and correct Achtlalath in the market, so as to ensure into account the social needs of the poorer classes without touching it and regulate the market to work on an equitable distribution service and the division of wealth and reverse rates, as well as the organization of the external effects of market movements on the individual and society, and to stabilize the monetary measures in order not to reflect negatively on the market.

He noted expert that during the past years and by virtue of growing revenue in Iraq and the loss of many of the development opportunities, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption may be behind a layer of monopolists to expand imports of industrial and agricultural domestic production account, recent measures to resist in any actual economic reforms process, stressing the need for the pursuit of the fact that economic reforms by the government and provide the necessary support to the private sector, through the cooperation of all parties to achieve a shift towards a social economy achieve social justice in the distribution of income, creating a socio-economic system in which unites the basic economic processes (production sharing distribution).