Between the private sector and support duties

10/19/2015 0:00

Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam
across the countries in the world that pursues a market economy system, and even those that are still operating the country's economy system in partnership with the local private sector or foreign investment, the support and facilities and allowances provided to entrepreneurs of all types and sizes, linked to the duties and obligations fulfilled by owners projects the direction of the state and society and the work force. When the state commits to purchase agricultural work output, for example, subsidized prices «are usually higher than the market prices», they exercise a role and a duty aimed at sustaining agricultural production and achieve higher levels of food security for the community, but at the same time obliges investors and owners of large enterprises, and even small and medium-implementation of labor and social security laws in order to create real jobs are reassuring and provide a positive and safe environment for the future of workers and their families to ensure that no demobilized under any circumstances without obtaining the rights pensions, along with tax obligations upward and abide by the laws of competition and antitrust and consumer protection.

The long as we are about the number of economic problems that spearheaded the case of fiscal deficit due to lower oil prices and increased spending on the war effort to sustain the battle and achieve victory over the forces of terror, and as long as the government continues to provide all forms of support for input and output as it seeks to establish the customs tariff and the protection of the domestic product in place laws to limit the uncontrolled market and put an end to dumping of the commodity in order to create economic development a real environment by supporting the real sector projects, we have to think seriously to develop solutions in implementation over all economic problematic positions .. It is banal to say: that the economic dilemmas are interlinked with each other, complicating the solution in the case of a breach in one of their rings and facilitated by the more successful in one episode, as the success of the project the central bank loans, for example, through the application of certain standards of good governance or the so-called governance electronic, will mean that the loans will go to its objectives, and thus the birth of a number of projects on different types and sizes and the rehabilitation of stalled ones , would mean that the loans will go to companies will contribute to the increase of tax and import duties of the labor law and will contribute to the operation of the labor force in order to ensure recording of manpower in the labor and social affairs department, especially since the labor law was recently passed has been part of all workers in the private sector rights similar to public sector workers rights and integrate with what is stated in the retirement law, and therefore, compel borrowers entrepreneurs proof of registration of workers in labor circles means compel the owners of these projects tax Balthacb, and put an end to cases of tax evasion which cause reduction of tax revenue expected by law the budget every year, and will contribute to change the style of thinking among the labor force seeking jobs in government institutions experiencing leaner in the number of workers and staff despite the decline in working hours, the time will ease overcrowding at government jobs and overcome the problem of financial allocations resulting from the introduction of grades in the general budget, and will also establish a ground valid for a project called restructuring companies being undertaken by an ad hoc committee in the Council of Ministers.

The exploitation of the idea of providing support for inputs and outputs in the operation of labor private sector projects in accordance with the laws in force in earnest across compel entrepreneurs to provide proof of registration of their projects in the labor circles versus This support, will establish the ground valid through which the country is entering a new economic era where receding unemployment and increasing the development rates and gross national product in an unprecedented .. especially that the support that was previously submitted through the initiative of agricultural loans since 2008 and loans banks ( industrial, agricultural and housing) supported in the texts of the laws of the budgets of years (2012-2013-2015) did not oblige entrepreneurs apply what we have referred to because of the lack of legislation on the part of labor law, and because of some ambiguities which was flanked to the objectives of these loans in some areas, especially since many of them did not go to its objectives, and therefore supposed to intensify efforts to recover previous loans, and to promote pilot projects that have been achieved so doing, by giving them priority in the granting of central bank loans and projects that adhere to their owners the implementation of laws concerning the rights of hands owners working.

Perhaps one of the great hopes that These projects included by the national insurance companies as specialized banks guarantee by the Central Bank to give more comfort to the forces working even leave government jobs and heading for the Gaza