Deputy warns of bankruptcy of most of the private banks in Baghdad
Wrote: October 18, 2015 In: Economy | Comments: 0

Nora Albjara warned by the Economic Committee, the bankruptcy of most of the private banks in Baghdad as a result of the financial crisis and confusion regulations and laws.

She Albjara in a press statement that, on Saturday, that "most private banks operate wrong the mechanisms will not abide by laws and regulations," adding that "most investors and traders fear to deposit their money in banks for fear of infecting these banks a financial crisis or exposure to theft and bankruptcy."

She noted that "most of the citizens who own the money in the banks pulled their money out of fear of them from the security and economic situation Masashm bankrupt most of these banks."

Iraq has been an economic crisis since the beginning of this year and the voice of the House of Representatives on the state budget law for 2015 with a deficit exceeded 25%.

And sit Minister announced last week the Council of Ministers held an extraordinary meeting next week to discuss and approve the draft general budget for the 2016 law.

According to sources, the project is devoid of any customizations and functional bicycle Bsttina new Ministry of Defense.