Abadi called for investing energies in private sector development
October 18, 2015

He assured Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi keenness to support professionals and to ensure that their salaries, stressing the inviolability.
Abadi, during his speech in trauma work of implementing economic reforms to promote private industrial sector in a statement reported by the media library and obtained by the news agency confirmed the economy further customizations social protection network by 50%, to invest energies in the private sector and development.
Abbadi said that the private sector, particularly the industrial sector is very important while trying to create a hostile atmosphere between industrialists and State and reject the change and reform that someone touched by these reforms we welairidonna ", indicating that" some corrupt wants to get profit without doing this is graft and survival mode as it keeps those corrupt. "

Al-Ibadi said, "we should unite and not retreat from the reforms due to these attacks and to continue", noting that "a slight development in the industrial sector is not commensurate with the situation of the country and we have to move the country forward, our strategies will contribute to the development of this sector, including streamlining government procedures.