Economy: the territorial taxation abstentions would create an imbalance in the market at the expense of the southern governorates

October 18, 2015 2 0


The Commission revealed that the parliamentary economy and investment commitment for the southern provinces and Central taxation under Kurdistan abstentions on imposed would balance the overall market and lead to the use of territory at the expense of the southern and central provinces.

Committee member, said mp Mohammed Abbas in a press statement obtained by the news that the Government economy agency occurred in the problem of differentiation in the taxation of goods across the border to Iraq, pointing out that the purpose of the decision to impose taxes on goods across the border to Iraq came to supplement general State budget and material gains for the new Government ", indicating that" taxes imposed on the entry of luxury goods only , Has been the exception necessary goods from taxes. "

Abbas drew Government occurred in the problem of differentiation in the implementation of the resolution after the southern provinces have committed this Act controls Kurdistan abstained on Saturday ", pointing out that" the commitment of the southern provinces alone this law cause market imbalance has led to higher prices for goods in these provinces under the low prices that come across the northern regions of the country, particularly since a number of the claims after the Cabinet decided that taxes are equal in all border crossing points. "