In the fall of Mosul, committee member calls for public prosecutors working on the report of the Committee

[Baghdad - where] called in the fall of Mosul Commission "ended its" Member Nayef al-Shammari, the public prosecutor to work on the Commission's report, which was referred to him after the House vote in last August.
Al-Shammari told all of Iraq [where], "The commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul, worked in a professional, and completed its tasks and it took her more than seven months, and the results were presented to the people of the report and raised the files the case to the public prosecutor and duty of these files study." He added that "the judiciary is independent is not entitled to a intervention in which we respect the judiciary and constitutional foundations exist. " He said Shammari that "the public prosecutor has a duty and I think they are working on these files." The head of the special parliamentary committee to investigate the fall of Mosul [ended its business, of quitting, he said in 25 of the last September, said that "the judiciary has taken no action so far in connection with the investigation and the accused in it."
Among Zamili's [where], that "s important and serious and affects the security establishment and stability of life and passed by Iraq after June 2014 and there are accusations by several figures and As as a committee formed Parliament have the right to personal follow up on it and our mission ends to hand over the file to the government and the judiciary involved parties being we have made ​​a great effort, "noting" will follow [the investigation] after the Eid al-Adha holiday and referred the accused to justice or against whom an arrest.
"He pointed to Send committee investigation file to "several quarters and from there to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Office and the Minister of Defense and to the public prosecutors and military courts and to the President of the Supreme Judicial Council and all hand received a copy of it."
The House of Representatives has transmitted the report of his committee for the investigation in the fall of Mosul to the judiciary after vote on it at its 17 last August.
The report includes a charge large number of officials and military commanders, most notably former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the governor of Nineveh article Ethel Najafi and the army chief of staff shops for retirement Babacar Zebari and the leaders of other senior army officials as government.