Commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri calls upon CoI`s affiliates to multiply efforts, saying

CoI Commissioner, Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri checked on, Tuesday, Sep 29th, the Comission Offices on Eid Al-Adha occasion. Al-Yassiri called, during a tour involved the offices and departments of CoI headquarters, to invest the holy atmosphere provided by the said occasion so as to galvanize their capacity, present all what is relevant to achieve CoI`s goals, respond to the objective called by the people through CoI as well as to execute the Marjaiya and Governemtn`s directives in striking the corruptors and violators of the public money with an iron fist and undermining their influence. The Commissioner pointed to many steps and measures that will be revealed in the few coming days, which will clearly explain that CoI`s work is highly increasing and that it has taken unprecedented means and steps to strike corruption dens. He indicated that CoI would publish a part of its field teams` work, which are present in the state`s institutions, Thus, the people will see this accomplishment which he considered important and qualitative.