Director implementation oriented to simplify transactions

During his visit, Karkh Directorate of implementation
Mr. Director General Department of the Ministry of Justice (penalties) paid an inspection visit to the Directorate for implementation of Karkh, for workflow and identify the most important problems that impede its work. The statement said the Ministry notification: the Director met with the Director and staff to listen to the most important issues facing their work, showing some guidance to overcome, and included an inspection tour of the halls of the Directorate and inspections of some important records for the work of the service. The statement added: the Director has received a number of citizens of the Directorate and listen to their complaints, and the need to facilitate their task and not hinder the implementation of the directives of the Cabinet Secretariat and emphasized by the Minister of Justice Dr. Haidar Al-zamily to simplify procedures for citizens ' transactions. Mr. Minister of Justice Dr. Haidar Al-zamily, stressed the need for the directors an inspection tours and visits to their subsidiary in Baghdad and the provinces.