Parliamentary Finance: Central Bank does not assume responsibility for the bankruptcy of private banks


BAGHDAD / Sky Press confirmed the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Ahmed Sarhan, Sunday, that the central bank is not responsible for the bankruptcy of private banks, indicating that the misconduct of the banks and those not taking the reserves led to bankruptcy.

Said Ahmed for "Sky Press," that "some private banks did not take the necessary precautions in order to lend to the citizens, which led to bankruptcy."
"The central bank did not limit with these banks, but those banks misconduct brought them to bankruptcy."
The citizens have complained, the reluctance of winning in a drag-and repeated the bank's apology for the lack of liquidity for payment in the case of request for it.
It is said that the CBI had said earlier that he is committed to providing the cash needed for domestic banks all, but the weakness of feasibility, planning and the entry of banks is greater than the physical potential projects study led to an acute shortage of hard currency and the national currency, which led to the announcement of many of these banks civil for bankruptcy.