Trade declares readiness to set up a session 42 to the Baghdad International Fair

Baghdad scales News - The Ministry of Trade, Sunday, readiness to set up a session 42 to the Baghdad International Fair, which will begin its activities in the first of next month with the participation of more than twenty countries, notably Russia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, France, Iran, Ukraine, Sudan, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, Tunisia, Palestine and India, Jordan, Serbia, Slovakia, Andenossia and hundreds of Arab and international companies announced preliminary approval to participate this year.

According to a statement of the ministry received / scales News / copy of "All the preparations for the exhibition have been completed and there are high-level coordination between the Ministry of Trade and ministries and supporting bodies for the emergence of the exhibition in the best case through the development of infrastructure and maintenance of all the exhibition halls as well as a major campaign to increase green areas in order to reception of citizens and appearing beautifully confirms the status of Baghdad's biggest economic forums for the reception.

He said that "the directives issued by the Minister of Trade Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim to form a high-level committee headed goal Undersecretary and a number of general managers of which speed up the implementation of programs and exhibition activities in preparation for the big economic forum in Iraq was in the land of the Baghdad International Fair, which is the biggest economic event taking place in the capital beloved Baghdad in light of victory and challenge to terrorist organizations Daash and re-Iraqi ground in some of our provinces beloved circumstances.

And the statement that the exhibition will see local and international participation to the world's leading companies in the scientific, industrial, agricultural, commercial terms of reference and communication technologies as well as presentations of new products, and there are open-air market of the Iraqi citizen Atda them what it needs from the products that are displayed in the corridors of the exhibition, pointing to the existence of cultural and artistic events as well as seminars economic and meetings between the Iraqi private sector companies and international private sector in order to exchange information and establish a true partnership and Allmcharkh in the construction, reconstruction and investment process taking place in Iraq as part of a comprehensive economic development for the development of commercial, economic and social life facilities, which came under the government program, which was approved by the Iraqi government and approved by parliament. " It ended 29 / d 25