Parliamentary Economy: great privileges will be granted to investors

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani confirmed that a large privileges will be granted to investors.

He said al-Bolani's (IMN) "The investment law is the beginning of the stage is handled many obstacles they encounter generally Marqlat investment," noting that "the public sector's participation in the implementation phase of the projects and their participation is a key supporter in the investment process."

"There will be given loans at rates of achievement in the project," stressing "the focus on the issue of international arbitration and its importance to bring capital to Iraq from abroad and to reassure foreign investors to invest in Iraq."

Bolani stressed the "focus on all aspects of investment such as agricultural, industrial, residential and service," referring to the "big privileges will be granted to investors, including exemption from taxes."

The Commission on Economy and Investment in the House of Representatives, keen to offer amendments that accomplished in investment to the presidency of the Council Act.