House of Representatives assesses a memorial service in memory of the martyrs and recalling

House of Representatives held on Sunday morning 10/18/2015 a memorial service in memory of the martyrs and recalling the Council and under the slogan (the martyrs of Iraq and the martyrs of the House of Representatives lamps illuminate the road of freedom and the triumph of the will of the people).

The ceremony started with any of the Holy Quran and read Surat Al-Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and the martyrs of the House of Representatives.

The ceremony was opened Mr. Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, a speech in which he said "We stand today to remember the martyrs of our Council distinguished from MPs and staff were in the day between us is here and is still their memory fills around this building and achievements attest to them the extent of dedication, sincerity and effort that went in order to adopt this Enterprise and contribution far and continues to prove one of the most important pillars of democracy and landmarks, urbanization and civil in this dear country.

He said al-Jubouri, "has lost the House of Representatives and before the National Assembly a great constellation of martyrs, of the flags of the country and intellectuals and competencies."

"The Flantaahid today to close ranks and unite the floor and the fight against extremism, this land has carried generations and generations, and we estimated today to be the generation that protects Iraq and heals wounds, he dropped us a martyr was proud of his children and his country and lived us, he should safeguard the Secretariat carry out the Covenant and holds Iraq in Hdqat his eyes."

He called al-Jubouri all political forces represented in the House of Representatives to come together and synergy to this dear country and its people decent service and perpetuate your names Kpnah and lifeguards for homelands and transcends all differences and seeks to approximate distances heavy Secretariat is that faithfulness Iraq, what the greatest of these Secretariat.

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Hamoudi in his speech that the council has given tens of martyrs and the various components of spectra and the provinces without a component for further distinction, which, if anything it shows that terrorism is aimed at everyone without distinction or discrimination, adding that the insistence on the targeting of the House of Representatives Terrorism is by the demolition of the pillars of the Iraqi state and the foundation on which it has been building the new Iraq.

Hamoudi said, "We will protect all of this institution does not pay attention to those who try to discredit the House of Representatives."

For his part, MP Aqeel Abdul-Hussein, Chairman of the martyrs and victims and political prisoners in his speech that terrorism targeting the Iraqi people of all nationalities and walks of life does not distinguish hand for another, explaining that the recall and commemorate the martyrs of the House of Representatives raises the profile of this Council, stressing that no matter how terror tried to target the Council will remain exercise the legislative and regulatory work in order to build Iraq.

Mr. Speaker and opened on the sidelines of the ceremony exhibition of pictures of the martyrs of the Council included photographic images of the masters of the House of Representatives and staff who were martyred at the hands of terrorism.

Then Mr. Speaker and Mr. First Deputy distributed gifts to the families of the estimated and the families of the martyrs.

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