A member of the parliamentary legality: the many exceptions taken out of the amnesty law of its content

Agencies - said a member of the parliamentary legal committee Salim Chawki, that the many exceptions in the draft general amnesty law brought out of its content.
Shawki said, "It was the Legal Committee in the parliamentary vision of the amnesty law, that the exceptions in it and directed many of its content."

He believed that "there are many segments in particular that the crimes were committed mistakes administrative or where tribal waiver with the victim, we believe should be covered by the amnesty so that Majdi, and Nfrg prisons of minor offenses and have attention to crimes relating to internal and external security state and terrorist issues, and be serious attention crimes ".

Shawky said that "the general amnesty law is now in the inclusion of the Presidential Council, and we gave our opinion, we need to read the second reading", stressing that "there is no legal committee is currently no law broken all of them were sent to the Presidency," PSC / h