Opening post contributes to diversifying the sources of import

Date: Saturday, 17-10-15 11:37 pm

Baghdad: Baghdad news
Economic analyst Mohammed dargham description on the reopening of the post with Jordan port after he secured a move to diversify its resources. "

Mohamed Ali said in an interview with the news agency, that "reopening the port will revive Anbar and opened new ports of entry for goods coming from Jordan and Syria, and not having to conduct a higher cost alternative routes."

He noted that "the total cost price of goods received through this port, which is one of the most important national ports to Iraq being Iraq connects to the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan, and Syria and close it was carrying goods cost more.

The Interior Ministry has closed the border post at port on July 5, after information about the existence of terrorist daash gangs. "
Reference is made to the port is the port the only border post between Jordan and Iraq ", located" between his post in Anbar province "West" and the Jordanian town of ruweished Mafraq Governorate "Northeast".