Albarrazna give up the presidency of the region and his eye on the presidency of the Republic and infallible clinging!
On: Saturday 10/17/2015 11:45

Confirmed early and close to the presidency of the Kurdistan region of political source said Massoud Barzani expressed his high flexibility to waive the office who wants a third term, indicating that he sees eligibility under the chairmanship of the Republic of Iraq.
The source said that an urgent meeting and an emergency Barzani, with the closest to him of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's political bureau in which they discussed the importance of claim Presidency of the Republic after he let them down political consensus which states that the cost Presidency of the Republic give up the presidency of the region, which has been its breach.
and explained the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Massoud Barzani, the President of the Republic is not from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) maturity.
The MP said the party Arafat generosity that "the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani did not stick to the job, there is a political agreement in the region that these positions are distributed according to the political agreement and not according to the elections."
He added, "If that were distributed by the elections of what was for the MDC to get the post of speaker of parliament this few seats, "noting" until the political agreement after Baghdad is also the president of the Republic of the National Union share that was not the election dues, and Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament [Bundestag] was not the election dues, it was all based on a political agreement.
"He said Karam "These have broken the political consensus, and if they were these few seats and a few voices have broken the agreement, we are the first not to abide by it because we have seats and more votes than".
"The position is that the cause of unrest in the country, so when we say you must change this President [head of the regional parliament] to another character will return stability, so it is our commitment to change the president will solve the problem and will not increase the problems more, so from now we announced that Yusuf Mohamed is not a president of the parliament and come to another person, and to agree the other parties among themselves it.
"He added that" The measure because of what was done by those groups or parties in fueling the crisis in Sulaymaniyah, targeting the headquarters of the party [Aaldemqrati Kurdistan] and the martyrdom of cadres, so we are committed to this decision.
"The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani told last Wednesday, the rest of the parties and Kurdish parties to participate in government The Parliament of the province should be cooperation to elect a new President of the Parliament to be then allowed to Yusuf Mohammed, Chairman of the current parliament to return to the city of Erbil.
testifies Kurdistan region of days ago, specifically in the province of Sulaymaniyah popular demonstrations developed into acts and clashes violence with security forces, the delay in salary payments and the continuing crisis Presidency region, which resulted in casualties and injuries.
As angry protesters attacked the headquarters of other parties, including the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is led by the provincial head of Massoud Barzani, in Sulaymaniyah.
and evolved crisis after he objected to the authorities in Arbil Monday, President of the Kurdistan Parliament Yusuf Mohamed procession [ belonging to the MDC at a checkpoint Alton Bridge and prevent entry into Erbil, while isolating President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, on Monday, four ministers from the MDC.