The government plans to unify the national retirement the public and private sectors Fund

An elderly woman while receiving her pension in accordance with the smart card system (Key Card) , Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi revealed, on Friday went to unify the national pension for the public and private sectors Fund as part of the social safety net, while counting that of "non-equity" not covered by private sector workers to retire, he stressed that the government aspires to up the contribution of production local to 50 percent in 2030 to be the "president" of the market operator and not the state. He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The government is about the unification of the national pension fund to include the public and private sectors", he returned to the "non-equity inclusion of four million and 500 thousand government employees to retire, and not covered by workers private retirement sector."
And he saw the benefit, that "the private sector retirement fund does not rise to the level of his government," adding that this "trend is part of a social security network in which it operates by the government."
He said economic adviser Ebadi, that "the government is serious to activate the financing of social security and facilitate the registration of companies," returned she "represents the weight of the elements of the social market in Iraq." Saleh stressed, that "the government aspires to contribute to domestic production up to 50 percent in 2030 to be President is the operator of the market and not the state, as is currently the situation."
The Iraqi Council of Representatives, passed in (the third of February 2014), the Unified Retirement Law, and published (range Press) a copy of it.