Minister for Mrbd reveals important details in the budget of 2016 and is expected to be passed tomorrow

Iraq's cabinet on Sunday held an extraordinary session to discuss the draft budget to be completed next year, 2016 is expected to be approved tomorrow deficit is estimated to 21% of the total budget. The Minister of Water Resources Mohsen al-Shammari said in a statement singled out by the Radio tow the cabinet decided to hold the completion of the budget discussion session on Sunday after it was discussed on Tuesday at the regular session of the Council continued discussions until Wednesday at a meeting of the crisis cell It expected that the Council of Ministers goes on to pass the budget session tomorrow.

Moismh minor changes for 2015
And the minister said that the budget next year is not much different from the current year's budget with the exception of the amount of oil production and the price of a barrel as the price of a barrel of crude oil was adopted last year to $ 56 the amount of export up to three million and three hundred thousand barrels decide to rise product in the budget of 2016 to three million six hundred thousand barrels per day at a price of $ 45 a barrel.

The problem of the oil agreement on the table

However, the issue of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil will go through tomorrow's meeting and that can be transferred to the committees that will come from Arbil to discuss the matter in the absence of resolve points of contention in the agreement so far.

He said the total assumed amounts for next year will reach 84 trillion dinars by the inability of 21% of the budget, noting that these figures may vary slightly after subtracting the Minister for some amendments which will be resolved by the committees on Thursday evening before being presented for a vote at tomorrow's meeting.

The salary scale applied next month

In the minister's response to a question tow on the salary scale, passed by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday and the date of its application gallery has between Shammari said the decision was made unanimously by the Council to begin its implementation from the beginning of next month, and this means that the salaries of employees in the Iraqi state will be charged starting from 1 / 11/2015 under the new peace adding that he does not need to vote the House of Representatives the fact that it is the prerogative of the executive branch.

To increase the salaries of protection network

And on the social safety net salaries and that prevented lack of financial allocations under implementation in 2015 The minister said that he drew the Council of Ministers will be allocated all the funds needed for such an increase in preparation for the calculation of the beneficiaries salaries of care on the new law to be done, starting from batch fourth for 2015 and to be distributed in December the first in 2016, provided the House vote on the budget and not to delay it.

Water problems filling Basra

On the subject of the possibility of monitoring the money in the budget next year to the Ministry of Water Resources to establish the necessary solutions to the crises of water faced by the southern and central provinces have said Shammari said several meetings were held with the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister promised through which stakeholders to support the ministry in the next phase, adding that his ministry received World Bank loan for the restoration of the Mosul Dam, which will reflect positively on the water situation restored to the provinces located below it ending with the southern governorates.

He concluded by Minister of Water Resources Speaking to Mrbd that his ministry would cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran on the construction of a dam Basra in the Shatt al-Arab, considering that the proposed location of the dam will be between the Iranian side and the Iraqi noting that the vote council in Basra to establish that the dam will contribute to resolving the matter and especially if it faster each of the Council Ministers and the House of Representatives passes the budget for the Ministry of resources begin a trip to visit Basra to start implementing the project.