Soft loans

BAGHDAD - Batool al-Hassani recorded the Ministry of Labour and Social choosy requests for more than 1,000 displaced people from wanting access to concessional provided loans by it during the month of September Almadi.oavad head support small projects in operation and loans department of the Ministry Atif Ahmed Abdul Amir special permission he made ​​for Sabah , that the Minister of Labor Mohammad Xiaa Sudanese instructed the release of soft loans to displaced provinces: Nineveh, Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala who live in areas under the authority of the Ath.wachar areas that the $ five million dinars loan, is paid at once to the beneficiary thus contributing to the inclusion of the largest a number of them in order to enable them to set up small projects to improve their economic situation in coordination with the relevant authorities in order to facilitate the establishment of their business procedures, similar to (b Albesttiyat).
and between Abdul Amir said the ministry recorded orders for more than 1,000 displaced people who wish to obtain loans in question, pointing out that the vast majority of Salahuddin province, and the number at least in the province of Nineveh, stressing that today the 13th of this month, is the last date for submission of loan applications by Nazhan.wachar that the ministry embarked on the launch of soft loans of the previous meals within three provinces, it is of Dhi Qar, which totaled the number of applicants in 2658 borrowers, and their number was in Basra in 1275, while he was in Kirkuk borrowers in 1191, noting that the numbers mentioned were receiving their orders through the website of the ministry during the past period, adding that the names of the borrowers announced by bank branches and figures instruments. Chairman support small projects in operation and loans department disclosed that the ministry included during the current year 0.39 thousand and 497 unemployed soft loans in Baghdad and the provinces within the three programs for lending, are: support income-generating projects fund, the national strategy for poverty alleviation, and the program of community-based rehabilitation. He said the upper limit of the loan within the fund to support small income-generating projects up to 12 million dinars, with a part of community-based rehabilitation program, three million dinars, either for the program of small loans under the national strategy for poverty alleviation, amounts to ten million dinars.