Change: Party on Barzani to end the monopoly of power and wealth of the region's oil

[Baghdad-where] the movement of Kurdish change called [Curran] Kurdistan Democratic Party led by President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to end what it described as "the party of monopolizing power and wealth of the oil in the region." And take the National Council for the movement of Kurdish change [Curran], decisions and actions taken by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which, against the president of parliament and ministers movement in the government, "a military coup gunman on the legitimate institutions elected by the people of Kurdistan."
The Council stressed in his closing statement after two sessions of its meetings, yesterday Today, "The main aim behind these actions is to disrupt the legitimate institutions and to abort the political process, and to impose the will of one party to the people of Kurdistan all."
She stressed the MDC in a statement on:
First: the necessity to address the problems relating to the salaries of the staff and faculty and solving the problem of unemployment and the migration of young people to abroad, in addition to addressing the living conditions miserable for the families of the martyrs and disabled members of the Peshmerga and internal security forces as soon as possible, through the disclosure of imports of the Kurdistan region, especially oil revenues, which monopolized the Kurdistan Democratic Party.
"Second: that the MDC supports the protesters' demands on the poor conditions living and delayed staff entitlements Exchange, and is considered the protests a guaranteed right of citizens according to law, to be those demonstrations peaceful and far from acts of violence and vandalism, and the change movement strongly opposes any attacks Awaatdaouat the headquarters of party and government and setting it on fire, and expresses its sincere condolences to the victims of the events Last, and emphasizes the necessity of decisiveness urgent that case through the courts.
"Third: The National Council confirms in the MDC, that the President of Kurdistan [Massoud Barzani] unconscious legal legitimacy since the 19 of last August, and that the presidential crisis has become a severe political crisis between the four parties Aldemcrdoa Party which Atkhaddq in front alone, "stressing that" the Democratic Party is convinced to find a crisis presidency solutions to the region through Parliament, also rejects the MDC categorically, all attempts to impose hegemony of a certain political party and the will of the people of Kurdistan, and believes that the responsibility of sovereignty law and the integrity of the political process, is the responsibility of the four political parties, channels and media and civic organizations in the region. "
renewed the MDC "insistence and Tmaxha project four joint parties and on political, economic and administrative reforms in based in the province's political system, also it emphasizes movement on the need to end all manifestations the monopoly of political, diplomatic, financial and security decisions by the Democratic Party, by working hard to ensure the participation of all parties in decision-making in order to preserve the unity of the Kurdish house.
"Fourth, draws the National Council of the MDC attention of public opinion to the fact, which is that the military coup was carried out by the Democratic Party triggering reactions wide in international circles, and had a negative impact on the reputation of the Kurdistan region, so the MDC demanding primacy of national interests on the partisan narrow interests.
"Fifthly: that the MDC appreciates the tireless efforts made ​​by some of the parties to resolve the political and economic dilemmas through resorting to the institutions legitimacy.
She stressed the change at the end of her statement, that "the political map of the region of Kurdistan at present based on the results of the legislative elections and the will of the citizens, and must be for all to respect the political process, and that no party is entitled to the coup on another political party, because this is a flagrant violation the rights of citizens and the free will of the people of Kurdistan, ".