Parliamentary Finance: reject new salary ladder and approval of the dictatorship Abadi

[Baghdad-where] the parliamentary finance committee, rejected the latest resolution on the Council of Ministers to amend the salary scale for state employees "Usually it of" step dictatorship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to bypass Parliament on behalf of the reforms. " He said Majida al-Tamimi told all of Iraq [where] "the beginning we want to be handed the new salary bill and not a decision for when we Khulna Prime Minister reforms in the House of Representatives does not mean that the act without invoking the law, the law of Aalgy except by law." She added, "We knew that new salary scale is a decision, and the decision to Aaghei law, and even the decision of the reduction came in general and vague and does not have the details, we do not accept that the law will be canceled the decision because we are when we have given authorization for Ebadi implementation of reforms rather than by decisions because there are special laws salaries.
"She Tamimi that" Authorization for the Prime Minister had authorization years and not special and we Edna reform packages, but must come packages in detail, but to give authorization open and placed its decisions outside the parliament, it means that we are Antaaml within the state. "She asked," Where is the role of the Finance Committee of Parliament of this decision and is to work, then? Does this mean cancellation of the role of the Commission and Parliament, this will lead to make it [Abadi] dictator,
"expressing" fear of similar decisions in other cases may be overridden Parliament in. This is not allowed and this is what made ​​the country up to this stage. "confirmed Member financial parliamentary non-participation of committee or flag decision modifying the salary scale in absolute and she heard it only in the media, "indicated" We are monitoring the financial and monetary policy being the prerogative of the Finance Committee, which is part of the work of parliament either to take such decisions Vlagua best parliament, "saying" we will not give up to secure the rights of employees. "The Council of Ministers approved in its meeting on the 13 of this month on a resolution to amend the blessings of the employees' salaries. He pointed out in a statement to, that the new peace" will bring an improvement between the lower levels of the upper grades and the reduction of differences of about 6.8 times as in the peace force to 5.3 times in the proposed peace and a greater degree of justice. "The Council also decided" to include state employees all including the three presidencies, bodies and associated institutions and civil servants in the ministries of defense and interior salaries of state employees by law officers and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008 average. "The prime minister's office said Haider al-Abadi, said the new salary scale" will reduce the disparity salaries by far "likely" carried out in the month of November, ".