Disclosure of the names of the directors of the Municipality of Baghdad and the electricity of those against whom arrest warrants

(Independent) ... revealed a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee the names of high Nassif general managers in the Municipality of Baghdad and the electricity of those against whom an arrest orders recently, indicating that those provisions were issued according to Articles 340 and 331 of the Penal Code. Nassif said in a press statement that "the arrest warrants recently issued against a number of Baghdad Municipality officials included both agents Secretariat Abdul-Hussein al-Murshidi and Naim Abaob," indicating that "the arrest warrants included two managers in truth they Mohsen Saad vocalist and Ahmed Jassim Abdul Redha, according to Article 331 of the distribution of land for the Penal Code. " She Nassif that "there are arrest warrants were issued to all managers in the secretariat Haider Yassin Sahi, and Abdul-Hussein Abbas Muhammadawi, and Samir Rahim, and Salah Ghanem Abu night, Adnan Jabbar cream, Basil Ali Hamil, and Abdul Abbas Redha, resulting Abboud," pointing out that "These orders were in accordance with Article 340 of the Penal Code."
Nassif confirmed that "there are arrest warrants against both the Minister of Electricity former Karim Aftan Ahmed and former director of the investment department in the ministry Laith Hamid Hassan, the director of the previous internal control sergeant Mohammed Owaid, and general manager of the former Administrative Service Mohamed Oaa senses, in accordance with Article 340 of the Penal Code."

She continued, "it was ordered in accordance with Article 340, to each of the previous energy projects director Mahamat Nouri Hussein, and general manager of the administrative department Falah Said Qarmat, and chairman of the formation of real estate Saleh Ismail Ibrahim, the head of the receiving committee Ahsan Ali Muhammad, Chairman of the Committee guessing Imad Adnan Dawood and the Director of the Department of Commercial Affairs Firas Abdul Karim. "

She noted member of the Integrity Committee that "have been issued arrest warrants against both the former general manager of the production center Yasser hilarious, and director of the center fuel Saad Jassim Freeh orders, in accordance with Article 331 of the Penal Code."