Pressure paid Jubouri's decision to retreat from the prohibition of cell phones

Twilight News Observatory Iraqi press freedoms / said on Saturday that the pressure on the Morse House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri paid to undo the decision to ban the introduction of mobile phones that contain cameras inside the parliament building.

The observatory said in a statement responded to Twilight News, the reporters told him that al-Jubouri, decided to ban the introduction of mobile phones that carry cameras to the parliament building, which committed the officials working in the Council building Bmaverm Visitors who applies Description journalists for them to abide by it before returning him under pressure Vice President of Hamoudi.

He said the observatory that he condemns any violation, or violation of press freedoms by any official in the state no matter how he described his work and his rank, and calls for respect for the constitution fully and not to deal with him-selective as usual in the Iraqi state since 2003, and until this moment.

As the price of the observatory position Sheikh Hamoudi, who exercised pressure on al-Jubouri to get him to reverse his decision.

According to a book published by the Council Secretariat, the al-Jubouri prevents associate and employees of the Board of Visitors and the introduction of phones that carry cameras.

A number of reporters, photographers and editors who cover what is happening in the Iraqi parliament that they use in the habit camera phones for features that incurred in conducting dialogues and get statements from MPs and officials are present in their own politicians and the ruling elite Green Zone, and that this decision, if applied, it would be a catastrophe for them , according to the Observatory.

He called Observatory Iraqi parliament not to crack down on journalists or surrounded some of the administrative procedures and behaviors that mask their information and facilitate their passage and their coverage of the events, has crossed the observatory concern of these actions because they disrupt their daily press coverage, and the prosecution of juveniles with how the problems and challenges they face.