National Union: Parliament is the only legitimate institution to solve the problems of Kurdistan

Twilight News / stressed body operating in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau official, Mullah Bakhtiar, on Saturday, the Kurdistan Parliament is the only legitimate in the provincial institution, as called for solving the problems under the dome, he called the "big" parties launch of the "big" initiatives out of the crisis.

He came Bakhtiar's statements during his participation in the burial of the martyr ceremony Azad tread in گrmaan area, and in which they occur on the current internal problems in the province of Kurdistan, saying that the Kurdish political parties must strengthen its conflicts Khaj region compared to Baghdad and against the "occupiers" Kurdistan to carry out national duties and democracy.

He said Mullah Bakhtiar that internal conflicts must be quiet and that Parliament be a reference for everyone because everyone agreed on the government, and may not be canceled this project because of partisan differences or because of differences on the side giving priority to major differences.

He stressed that a full year has passed on the talk that was going on and having the opportunity to declare the independence of Kurdistan, pointing to the existence of several parties in Kurdistan does not assume some "How can the Kurds to declare independence?"

He said Mullah Bakhtiar that the opportunity has come, but the Kurds if that's what they van that opportunity will go out of their hands, adding that if the treatment has internal problems and that opportunity came, they Sastglunha better.

In order to prove this view Mullah Bakhtiar said that the years between 1989 to 1991, when the solution has been the political forces and the forces of Alپeshmrگh the problems of the Kurds managed to prepare for the liberalization of "South Kurdistan" (Kurdistan Region) through the 1991 uprising.

He added that after the Washington Convention of 1997 has been solving problems between the National Union and the Democratic Party, and in 2002, when the "Mam Jalal" (Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Jalal Talabani) across only visit two cars introduced its own project on "Kak Massoud" (Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani) and told him that he would visit and has worked with him and he went to the resort, and was able to solve the problems between the two parties within one hour and the creation of the two parties to the events of 2003 that would bring down the Baathist regime was made and yielded agreement about the birth of the constitution and the announcement of the federal and the rest of the "acquis" other.

He explained that if the internal political forces managed to mend them well Kurds will be able to take advantage of opportunities; stressing that senior leaders should do great strides, and initiate major initiatives in history.

He stressed that the parliament is the only legitimate institution for the Kurds Fleihloa problems.

Under the dome, and the government put forward a broad government that the Union is in a "beautiful", but the application was in a "bad", calling for reform of the "bad" and repair business is natural in the parliament as well.