Why did not become a state of the Kurds

Salah Mendlaoa / echoes of political tension for Iraqi Kurdistan in the political circles of the enemies of security and for the friends see beyond this dilemma jumps frequent economic successes to experience the Kurdish rule Akpina and fall back on if a hand from behind the dark want to tamper with the destiny of the people of Ankd age do.

Since 1921 precisely conference of the Ministry of the British colonies in Cairo, led by Sir Winston Churchill, where acknowledged the necessity to find a Kurdish state, led by a tribal man, similar to southern and central Iraq Almnskhan have just from the Ottoman Empire incoherent as a result of World War I. 1914 1918 actually approved of Sheikh Mahmoud grandson state of Kurdistan without the Turkish intervention messages Sheikh Mahmoud to garrison Rawandoz demands Turkey to adhere to Kurdistan.

Today the same date because Turkey is thirsty for oil return calls for prime minister, the ambassadors of the United States and Russia rejects the Turkish state to find a state in Syria from protection units of the Kurdish people of Turkey, which given the opportunity to benefit from the Kurdistan oil like the one happening today fear the Yugoslav experiment aware her suddenly after the events Kubani.

We in Iraqi Kurdistan owners mature simple experiment happened in Kurdistan salaries dislocations for Apple even Peshmerga entrants to suspicion in the fight extends to 1,200 km, which burns Daash against its prisoners of Kurds Atills Aklaina ignoring all the agreements they have entered secretly and openly.

Kurds are demanding a people their salaries for four months they come out behind a leadership statement oasis of flowers mediated hall to expel the Prime Minister President of the Parliament and of his ministers to leave in less mourn her like only in countries (Naamh).

The National Union of hitching leaders to the need to pay attention to our people economically affected and left threads stones and housings which pardoned them forever and drink.

So we either crush each other or to pay attention to the mind and all our leaders Mama and Kaka for mercy must respect their people and themselves, it is unreasonable not to dampen the flames caught bronchitis in Kurdistan after Edme world record admiration Bmfajrh Kubani.

Have mercy on our martyrs and our reputation and the future that are very close to achieving our hopes in it.