Iraq organizes first beauty contest since 1972

Twilight News / women in Iraq, ignoring death threats always hear of terrorists, and organized the first Miss Iraq contest since 1972 any more than four decades.

He noted the "NBC News" channel of America, that more than 150 lady ran to the contest organizers, which confirms that they are an opportunity to give life to Iraq after years of bloodshed and internal chaos.

The paper that the 15 post withdrew from the contest amid a wave of criticism and even death threats from militants.

For its part, contestant "Shaima Qasim Abdul Rahman", a student at the Faculty of Economics of Kirkuk said, the channel "The Iraqi people are in dire need of such cultural activities and anything new for the reform of society."

She highlighted the canal five semifinalists forced to move from Mdnhen, last year, after the takeover of the "Daash" terrorist on the city of Mosul.