details of the new salary ladder

(Encyclopedia of the day news | Iraq News) - The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that the aim of the new salary scale, passed by the Council of Ministers (Tuesday) is to reduce the disparity between employees' salaries and it is likely to initiate its application in the month of November, said Saad Sabri said the new peace will raise the entry of the lower staff in the career ladder through the redistribution of the salary scale more equitable, With regard to allocations will be a full out and table system unites allocations between the personnel of all ministries and government institutions, and pointed out that the reforms package included an item indicates to develop a new system of salaries through which the reform of the system with respect to the nominal salaries, allowances and reduce the disparity in salaries between lower and higher up the career ladder and to reduce disparities among employees in different degrees degrees and at the same time achieving justice in the distribution of income, and stressed the newborn that this decision was made and it will be circulated schedules during the coming period to the Ministry of Finance to work out and the relevant ministries to implement it, so as to achieve an improvement between the lower levels of the upper grades and the reduction of differences of about 6.8 times, as in the peace force to 5.3 times in the proposed peace, as the Council decided to include staff State including all three presidencies, bodies and associated institutions and civil servants in the ministries of defense and interior law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008 average staff.

Despite the media attention the wide who accompanied the preparation of the salary scale (new), but it is not displayed details tables related to this peace and upper and lower limits for each grade and the fate of provisions that were granted to staff in the ministries of electricity, justice, higher education, foreign affairs and oil, transport, health and others, what is rumored to have been understood through the content brief statement after the Cabinet approval of the new system of salaries, to the effect that the allowances will be canceled all of us in order to standardize state employees all, to include the addition of salary nominal all of allocations (certificate, the cost of living, family), means that many of the inputs will be reduced in return for lifting the few salaries and a minimum a way that makes some believe that the job has turned into a means of social protection are distributed under the certificate and the duration of the service, family situation, the misconceptions and can not be accepted because of public office have implications on the conduct of the affairs of state are linked to a set of values ​​and considerations that must be taken into account to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in government performance, Equality is not justice in any case it does not mean equal to the salary of an engineer in a particular ministry with the engineer in another ministry as a justice, because the engineer's performance in any site depends on multiple factors in terms of expertise, skill and gravity and nature of the work and the scarcity Jurisdiction and the requirements of attractions, security and stability, as it is not justice to be equality between the employee holds a doctorate work in the Ministry of Communications with employee holds a doctorate in universities, and so on for the rest of the jobs.

We have raised the issuance of the Cabinet decision many questions coupled with anxiety and fear of the loss of some provisions with several slices of staff, each employee is believed to have organized the affairs of life and various of its obligations under the current salary so any change to decline will lead to many embarrassments, taking into account the existence of Problems can not find solutions that close to her, such as rents and wages generators and calls mobile and weak ration health services, the bad and the rise in commodity and service prices, including children's milk and transport fares and other details and requirements of living for employees Bdechlh low prices, although we can not expand the analysis and the rush to develop conclusions and implications , because he has not given us access to the salary scale and the details of his instructions even though for a different sources of opportunity, but what we carry are presently wishes to have the career ladder may objectively promising and fair and that really expresses the demand (reforms) and not vice versa, because the issue respect to Iraqis All terms of the number of staff more than 4 million and there is no Iraqi house devoid of staff, also obtained by the staff is the main source of individual and family income and the tool for the movement of local markets and secure business in the private sector, so any defect or disruption could lead to a Results are unknown, including the decline in the level of satisfaction and the weakness of loyalty and influence on the degree of sense of citizenship and encourage administrative corruption, crime and having some immigration entitled despair and other phenomena that do not wish to appear because the wounds many were not, irreversible yet, please stakeholders view the details of the subject from the door of transparency to dispel reservations.