Accused of "political and partisan mafia" to strike the Iraqi economy

GMT 8:25 2015 Friday, October 16

Dr. Osama Mehdi

Circulating in the last hours charges parliamentary officials and the Iraqi parties, owns airlines, multiplying the Iraqi economy, through payment toward bankruptcy Iraqi Airways .. The European organization accused Iraqi militias, backed by Iran, Iraq, the assassination of lawyers and judges.

BAGHDAD: Iraqi MP Vian Dakhil warned of the presence of a large plot to hit the Iraqi economy in general, and Iraqi Airways, in particular, where the mafias behind it in the air transport, supported by a hidden political figures and blocks partisan Iraqi. The MP Yezidis in a press statement received "Elaph" the text today, "said Transport Minister (Bayan Jabr) does not know that this is a disaster, and that he knew and Saket to sabotage his country's economy, the biggest Valmuseibh".

She explained that "it is unfortunate that dozens of passengers, who Iromon travel across the Iraqi Airways planes, they shall be notified that there are no vacancies in the aircraft seats, forcing travelers to book seats on planes follow the local companies belonging to the mafias of air transport in Iraq."

She said, for example, "Flight number 206 Iraqi Airways on Tuesday from Erbil to Baghdad at eight in the morning, and the aircraft of type Boeing a capacity of 420 passengers an Iraqi Airways fully booked, this by Iraqi Airways, and offices site, and what is communicated citizens do, if really clear that there is only eighteen passengers on board .. How is the loss of Iraqi Airways of this trip, which pay the salaries of its aircraft crews, not to mention the fuel and other consumption, and how many times repeated such cases. "

She stressed the MP outsider of evidence and facts are documented to have indicate that the Iraqi economy target, Iraqi Airways targeted, as the official and national of Iraq carrier .. pointing out that the continuation of things in this way is a matter of uncertainty and anxiety about the future of Iraqi Airways, which is what its name still holds something of prestige and pride for all Iraqis, and they all have to maintain this ancient name.

The information finally pointed to the formation of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq led by Ammar al-Hakim, a private aviation company to bear the name "Fly Baghdad," the management and leadership of the Minister of Transport Council Bayan Jabr, who has to complete all registration procedures exception of checks and instructions.

She said the company "Fly Baghdad" acquires profitable airlines, a flight bound for Sweden, Britain and East Asia and Lebanon. It said the information could not be for "Elaf" verified that the pilots in the company "Fly Baghdad" are pilots retired, and that a number of them are still owners of Iraqi Airways and receive their salaries from the state treasury, although they are currently working for the benefit of the company Especially.

The company "Fly Baghdad" Aviation was established it was announced at the beginning of the year 2015, after taking Bayan Jabr of the portfolio of the Ministry of Transport. The Iraqi Airlines was founded in 1938 by a civil institution, and began flights to both Iran and Syria, but the Iraqi government annexed in 1946 to the railway state-owned interest.

After the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1990, Iraqi Airways stopped flights in a comprehensive manner, as a result of the international embargo imposed on Iraq by the United Nations. After the invasion of Iraq in 2003 decided to Iraqi Airways practicing global route, and the first is on the third of October (October) in 2004 from Baghdad to Amman, capital of Jordan .. In the following year to Tehran, Damascus, Amman, Kuwait, Beirut, Cairo, Tehran, Mashhad and Dubai and Istanbul and Antalya, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Dusseldorf, Jeddah, Athens and Karachi, Manama, Frankfurt and London, as well as domestic flights between the large major cities in Iraq, such as Baghdad, Basra, Mosul and Najaf, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

International organization: militias backed by Iran assassinate Iraq's lawyer and judges
accused the European organization on human rights of the Iraqi militias and Iran, which said it was behind them, preventing the reform of the Iraqi judiciary, "corrupt" and the assassination of lawyers and judges.

European Association for the freedom of Iraq and said that the protesters in various Iraqi provinces now demanding the implementation of key reforms in the Iraqi judiciary and the departure of the elements of this power in the Federal Court system in connection with former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but Tehran-backed militias are not prevented only the implementation of reforms with full force, but they also seeking to thwart any attempt to reform the judicial system "failed and corrupt", by launching threats against those protesters, and create an atmosphere of intimidation, through the assassination of judges and lawyers honorable Iraqis and independents.

She Assembly, currently chaired by Astron Stevenson MEP, a member of the European Parliament and chairman of the Committee on Relations with Iraq in the European Parliament previously, in a press statement on Friday received a "Elaf" a copy of it, to be the leader of the Badr Organization and the commander of militias popular crowd and Abu Mahdi Mohandes one of the leaders of the crowd Hadi al-Amiri may met recently with the head of the Supreme Judicial Council of the Iraqi Medhat al-Mahmoud, "two of the militia leaders and known loyalty to the Corps of Iran's Jerusalem terrorist elements, to express their support for him, in an effort to thwart the appeals public to step down al-Mahmoud, the Iraqis see al-Maliki doll in the judiciary," says the statement.

The Assembly noted that in the latest model of these attempts was finally the assassination of lawyer Anwar al-Hamid al-Bayati, aged 76, a member of the Iraqi Bar honorable and record the work of 45-year-old law firm, and the most active supporters of reform in the judiciary, and that at the hands of the Iranian regime militias. And he made ​​it clear that the lawyer Suad Awsi also murdered one of the lawyers who are known dead by gunmen militias in Diyala province (65 km) northeast of Baghdad, where she was known for her defense of the detainees without charge. She Assembly was also the assassination of the judge Thamer Hubei Khalil, one of the Iraqis and honest judges, Judge the oldest in Khalis in Diyala province court at the hands of mercenaries of the Iranian regime, and that after al-Maliki tried to Egndh to serve its decisions and actions in violation of the Constitution and the law over the years, but he resisted the front of the threat and seduction .. pointing out that among the achievements of this judge, he has issued provisions Successive release of 36 of the residents of Ashraf refugee camp of Iranian dissidents in Iraq, and who were kidnapped after the attack on the camp in July 2009, which angered al-Maliki at the time.

The European Association for the freedom of Iraq (IFA) in a statement that it condemns murders systematic and assassination against lawyers, judges and jurists progressives by the Iranian militias, they are demanding the Iraqi Bar Association and the Union of Arab Lawyers and bar associations in European countries and all organizations defending human rights to stand against such crimes.

Assembly and stressed the need to expedite the implementation of the reform of the situation in Iraq, especially al-Maliki, trial and Almtrbin on his hand in the judiciary .. certain "that the reform in Iraq will not make any progress without purging the judiciary of its elements corrupt belonging to Iran and al-Maliki," she says.

The repair demands of the Iraqi judiciary and the exclusion of the judiciary head Midhad Mahmoud spearheading the demands of the protesters Iraqi demonstrators who go out in demonstrations in various Iraqi cities in nine months .. as was Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called on the judiciary to carry out a series of "drastic measures" to confirm the prestige of the judiciary and independence, pointing out that the extensive reforms undertaken by three months ago requires a fair and firm justice.

Earlier last month, the top Shi'ite cleric stressed in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani on "the need to reform the judiciary." .. He said his spokesman Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai said ongoing in the country currently reforms require necessarily reform the judiciary, saying that it was "an important milestone in the complete the reform packages, and can not be real reform without him. "