Reference make comments about the budget law for next year

Date: 10/16/2015 12:48

Information / holy city of Karbala / ..
Expressed the religious authority, on Friday, several observations about the general budget bill for next year 2016, stressing the need to develop realistic solutions to overcome the financial and economic crisis.

The representative of reference in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net during Friday prayers held in the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif and attended / information /, "The government agencies concerned are looking at this fiscal budget days for next year is expected to be approved by the Council of Ministers soon and up to the parliament for discussion and approval."

The net, that "it is hoped to take into account in the preparation of this budget and realistic solutions to overcome the financial and economic crisis experienced by the country," stressing the importance of that "beyond the traditional methods of distribution of financial resources and notes priorities, there is nothing of the country's resources devoted to the order is necessary" . Finished / 25