Is the new salary ladder requires parliament's approval?

Friday 16-10-2015 | 12:09:14

Twilight News parliamentary Finance Committee / said Friday that the new amendment, passed by the cabinet last Tuesday of the salary scale does not require approval by the House of Representatives.

The committee member said Jabbar Abdul Khaliq for Twilight News that "the civil service law is currently applied includes a clause referring to the salary scale issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, it has formed a special committee in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for this purpose, which is not law; it is the House of Representatives authentication does not require system ".

Abdul-Khaliq said that "the Finance Committee would ask the government handed over the details of the new salary system to review it and discuss its suitability with reality and especially access to the reduction of salaries for special grades of agents ministers and directors general proportions of the details."

Informed sources revealed that the new amendment voted by the Council of Ministers in its meeting on Tuesday, the last to determine the salary scale to ensure the highest salary with 8 million dinars cut without allocations, with adjustable minimum salaries for employees upwards of 10%.

The Prime Minister's Office said in a detailed statement that "the new peace achieves an improvement between the lower and upper levels of the stairs and the reduction of differences of about 6.8 times, as in the peace force to 5.3 times in the proposed peace and a greater degree of justice."

The statement noted that "the Council of Ministers canceled the funds provided under the laws, regulations or instructions or decisions issued by the private enforcement of this decision, taking into account the amendments made by the Council after a presentation to the Prime Minister for approval."