Confident Hashemi: There is a political consensus and international support for the full liberalization of land as soon as possible

The Director of the Strategic Studies Center, political analyst and confident Hashemi, the existence of an international consensus and support to accelerate the liberalization of all the land of Daash terrorist gangs.
He said al-Hashemi told all of Iraq [where], "There is a political consensus and international support in order to complete the liberation of all Iraqi territory as soon as possible, so there Two gray process, a very wide and the process in Salah al-Din." "There is significant progress forces in Baiji and perhaps in the hours the next, or the next two days will announce the complete liberation of Baiji, and prepare for battles Kadmtin very large in Sharqat and Hawija. "He said al-Hashimi" There were air strikes focused and effective, and entered the pieces more than one axis to PDF crowd, the army and the tribes in the encirclement process and to inform three directions so the operation went very good pace. The Joint Special Operations Command announced yesterday, starting the second phase of the process for Beck, O Messenger of Allah, and provide security pieces of supporting the popular crowd of three axes to purge northern Salahuddin areas. The military spokesman said one of the factions of the popular crowd said that military units stormed the Baiji refinery and made ​​rapid progress in it. As announced military media cell, in a statement today that "for the end of the activities of the first page of [operations Beck, O God, the second messenger] successes impressive exceeded what was decreed her", noting that "operations results in the liberation of 14 goals in full control Daash ".