Somali Foreign Minister inaugurate his country's embassy in Baghdad

Somali Foreign Minister Abdel Salam Omar, opened on Thursday, his country's embassy in the capital, Baghdad. A statement by the Office of the Prime Muttahidoon Osama Najafi, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Najafi "on Thursday attended the opening of the Somali embassy in Baghdad ceremony, and was greeted by Abdul Salam Hdlah Omar Somali Foreign Minister, and Khadija Makhzoumi ambassador to Somalia in Iraq , as the celebration was attended by a group of Iraqi officials and ambassadors accredited in Iraq. "The statement quoted Najafi during a meeting with Foreign Minister say his emphasis on" the importance of developing relations between the two brotherly Iraq and Somalia, "noting that" terrorism is the common enemy suffered by the people of the two countries, something that requires cooperation to eliminate the evils. "The statement added during the meeting" to review security and economic situation in Somalia and the challenges experienced by the brotherly country, Vobdy Najafi wishes for the success of Somalia in establishing stability and the promotion of the economic and security reality, pointing out that the opening of the embassy and joint work will create areas of cooperation benefit the two brotherly peoples. "The Somali Foreign Minister Abdel Salam Omar, arrived yesterday to Baghdad on an official visit to meet with Iraqi officials and the opening of the embassy Alsomalih.