Change accuses Barzani party status "police devices" in Erbil and warns of "catastrophe"

Editor Mustafa Saad

Thursday 15 October 2015 21:40

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Accused the head of the mass change in the House of Representatives Hoshyar Abdullah, on Thursday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Prime province of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, to "suppress" the citizens in Arbil through "police equipment" mode, as warned of a "catastrophe," the presidential system might bring to the region.

Abdullah said in an interview for the program "a quarter of an hour," which aired Alsumaria TV, "The main reason for the generation of violence in Kurdistan is the wrong policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of non-acceptance to leave the presidency of the region and delay the employees' salaries for three months," pointing out that "there is widespread discontent because of delay salaries against all parties, but the Democratic Party bear the greatest responsibility. "

Abdullah said that "the Democratic Party has a police organs in Irbil prevented any movement of citizens and this is a sort of repression," adding that "the President of the Kurdistan Parliament to prevent the entry of Irbil coup against legitimacy and laws."

He continued that "the Kurdistan region of live legal vacuum the absence of the President of the region," noting that "the presidential regimes in the region turn into a kind of dictatorship and disaster and we are afraid of it."

Saw Sulaimaniyah province during the last days of demonstrations and disturbances several resulted in acts of violence and burning of buildings of political parties, where demonstrators in Harzor area east of Sulaimaniya, lowered flags partisan of the buildings headquarters of five Kurdistan parties, while underlining that the decision to take down the flags came to resentment demonstrators from the position of those parties to the lack of response to their demands.